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Will 2019 be the year you start building a positive relationship with money?

The truth is, most of us (yes, ladies, I’m talking to you), have mixed feelings about money. Thinking or talking about it makes us uncomfortable. So we don’t do either.

Money is a source of stress for many people. The average amount of credit card debt is over $6,000. 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, 1 out of 2 can’t afford an unexpected expense, 1 out of 3 have no savings, and student loans—don’t get me started.

Even when we make enough to pay our bills and then some, we often have the nagging sense that we should be managing our money better than we are.

What would life be like if you didn’t stress about money? Just take a moment to imagine what that would feel like…having enough money. (hmm…was that the sound of your entire body relaxing?)

That’s financial wellness.

What’s Financial Wellness?

Financial wellness means having enough money to pay your monthly bills, handle an unexpected expense without going into debt, spend on what's important to you, and save toward meaningful goals. So you can have a positive relationship with money and enough of it to live the life you want.

What’s Financial Wellness Coaching?

Financial wellness coaching is me helping you learn how to do that and get there. Maybe you’ve already used coaching to improve other skills. So why not use a coach to help you feel more knowledgeable and confident about money? No shame, no judgment, just me meeting you where you are. Book a free 30-minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit.

Financial Wellness Coaching Can Make Life Better

We can start with something basic, like figuring out a spending plan. A get-out-of-debt plan. We can go for a total money makeover or lots of goals in between. Whatever goal you choose, you’ll have a better relationship with money.

Yes, that’s really possible.

Coaching Packages

Not sure where to start? Then let me suggest the simplest first step, and my most basic package: Understanding Your Money Story. We all have one, and it affects, well, pretty much everything.


Understanding Your Money Story

Together, we'll look at your beliefs about money and where those came from, and how your past experiences with money have shaped your current attitudes about it. That’s the first step toward rewriting your money story. Then, see where you want to go next.

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Create A Spending Plan

My most popular service. In only two hours, we’ll work together to create a personalized spending plan you can live with. Follow-up included. Most people recoup the cost within 90 days.

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Couples’ Coaching

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to stop arguing about money and be on the same page with your partner? This is one of the few times in life when money really can buy happiness.

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Plan For Financial Independence

This is not your parents’ retirement. How will you spend your time as well as your money? Let’s talk about both, and figure out how you’re going to spend the rest of your life.

And if you’re really ready to go for it…

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Transform Your Relationship With Money (and your life)

Learn how to build a positive relationship with money so you can live the life you dream about. Over 12 weeks, I’ll work intensively with you to start thinking about money differently, and clarify your financial and life goals. We’ll work together to create a roadmap that will make it possible to get where you want to go. So that I can be totally focused on helping those clients who are are committed to truly transforming their financial situation, I only accept a limited number of clients at a time for this service.



About Me

I'm a research scientist with a background in integrative health care and psychology.  I work for a financial technology startup in Charleston, SC, and frequently write about personal and behavioral finance. But I didn’t always know much about or have a positive relationship with money. 

You name a money mistake, I've made it. In my previous career, I owned a successful small business—and had massive amounts of student loan and credit card debt, with nothing saved for emergencies or retirement. I've learned from those mistakes. A lot. And I'd like to share what I've learned with you. I especially enjoy working with professional women, small business owners, and self-employed people.

I’m a member of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education. I write about finance for my other job as a senior researcher with a fintech startup, and publish on Medium. I write about personal finance and investing for Emperor Investments, a dividend-based robo-advisor; I also manage an online community for self-directed women investors.

If you decide to work with me, I promise I’ll never use the word ‘budget’. It’s like hearing the word ‘diet’. Yuck. Let’s work together so that you can spend money intentionally, as a tool for living a meaningful life. Your best life.

These are a few of the publications that have featured articles I’ve written. Kiplinger’s and Student Loan Hero featured stories about my own financial journey.


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